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About Us

We Provide Landscaping And Garden Care Services

Salt of the Earth Landscaping was created in the 2013.

Salt of the Earth – means any good and honest group of people. Real people with rock solid results. This is our standard. We are licensed and commercially insured and in excellent standing with WorksafeBC.

BIO – I received a Diploma in Forestry in 2004. Spanning over 20 years I have absorbed knowledge from various masters of the craft. I held lead positions such as : lawn & landscaping foreman, irrigation technician and stonemason helper.

To serve you with authentic transparency and create beautiful landscapes that you feel deeply connected too.

 We believe in sustainable practices, incorporating native plants and conserving supplemental water. This would include gardens that are self sufficient, healthy and relatively easy to care for. Using practices like permaculture and xeriscaping you can achieve beauty, without breaking the bank. Some of these include: drought tolerant designs, raised garden beds, pollinator gardens, rain gardens and drip irrigation. These attract : mason bees, butterflies, birds, hummingbirds, lizards and worms. It is our goal to guide you in making the right choices with your property. Working with the laws of nature.


Our love for ecology with its bountiful organisms, amazing creatures and alluring scents keep our passion ignited. Whats yours?

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